Do you know where GRICO dialect is spoken ?

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Griko, sometimes spelled Grico, is the dialect of Italiot Greek spoken by Griko people in Salento (province of Lecce) . Some Greek linguists consider it to be a Modern Greek dialect and often call it Katoitaliótika (Greek: Κατωιταλιώτικα, “Southern Italian”) or Grekanika (Γραικάνικα), whereas its own speakers call it Griko (Γκρίκο, in Salento).

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Italian Online Adults Lessons 🇮🇹💻🇮🇹

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Group online Italian Adults Lessons, we are starting very soon!

Join us and dive into the language of BelPaese 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

What should you have?

💻 You will need PC with camera (hopefully with good internet speed);

🎧 Headphones ( better sound for you but also to avoid any background sounds);

📕 ✏️ A notebook and a pen;

📗 Our book ( I am strongly advising paper version, even thought an e-book is available)

Find more info about language course that we are offering: Italian language courses in Cyprus – group or individual, in presence or online

Italy wine map, puzzle and fun

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Italy wine map, puzzle and fun!

We had amazing time trying to solve this puzzle and meantime travel and enjoy each one of twenty Italian regions, their uniqueness and amazing wines!

We learned about some new grapes, reminded ourselves with great “nostalgia” of great wines we tried in Italy and made a promise to continue exploring the rich “vinocultura italiana”!

The story of Olivetti

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La Giornata del Design Italiano nel mondo – Italian Design Day, the perfect occasion to share with you the fantastic story of Olivetti – the great mind, an entrepreneur and innovator.

Olivetti, l’occasione perduta- Il racconto dell’avventura pionieristica di Olivetti nel mondo dell’elettronica


The Merchant of Venice at Curium

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The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. It is on one hand a romantic comedy but the themes of mercy, justice and religious intolerance keep modern audiences enthralled.


A Venetian merchant, Antonio, arranges a loan with Shylock enabling his friend Bassanio to court the heiress Portia. The bond states that if Antonio defaults on the loan, Shylock is entitled to a pound of flesh. Bassanio successfully woos Portia. Antonio’s wealth is lost and Shylock demands the pound of flesh in court. Portia disguises herself as a lawyer and successfully defends Antonio. Shylock is stripped of his wealth.

2 Italian great movies on demand

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Stories of entrepreneurship and excellence! Two fictions enrich the #FareCinema program that highlight the creative and entrepreneurial capacity of Italy.

▪️ “Enrico Piaggio, an Italian dream” (2019) , dedicated to the life of the Tuscan entrepreneur, and
▪️ ”Luisa Spagnoli” (2016), a two-part mini-series on the biography of the founder of Perugina.
Both titles, subtitled in English, are available from 14 to 20 June on MyMovies: 🔗https: //

Rialto Summer Cinema is back, with one Italian movie 🎬 🎬 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🍿🍿

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The Rialto Summer Cinema returns with a rich program, offering a cinematic experience in the heart of the city.  Films will be screened in their original language, with subtitles both in Greek and in English. 

13/7 Three Perfect Daughters (È per il tuo bene)  Italy 2020, 96’ | Comedy  

Three friends are unhappy with their daughters’ romantic relationships.

Three fathers trying to hinder the love affairs of their respective daughters. 

Hacks that will help you learn Italian- tips and ideas

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Here are a few creative, pleasant and funny ways to boost your progress in learning Italian language- Tips and ideas

  • Having fun with the language is key!
  • Be regular and persistent! 
  • Keep it varied! 
  • Listen Italian news or Italian radio 
  • Watch italian movies (Netflix is great option, here you will find some titles: Italian with movies)
  • Eat in Italian restaurants!
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Venezia and Cyprus connections

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The period of Venetian rule in Cyprus (1489-1570) – a time when Nicosia was the administrative centre of the island – is considered very important, as it shaped local social, economic and cultural life, and determined the European character of the island. This short period has left also a rich linguistic heritage.

Venus, Venice and Cyprus: Leventis Museum celebrates island’s ties with ‘La Serenissima’

30 days of Italian cinema on MUBI

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The portal MUBI (streaming service/ curator/ publisher/ distributor/cinema lover) and Cinema Made in Italy are hosting this year’s festival, 16-29 April.

Experience with one month for free:

Mubi – Italian cinema on line

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